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Nov 9, 2012 12:00pm EST
/2 feet of snow in the mountains, rain and snow from california in through nevada and utah and colorado. they're getting ready for some big snows in southwestern colorado as well. and the eastern half of the country, it just looks fantastic. high pressure builds in. and it is going to be nice not only today but tomorrow. sunday, and monday as well. if you can make it a long weekend, good for you. 60 today. tonight we dip to the low 40s in town with upper 30s in some spots and mid-30s and the winds are fairly light. a few clouds mixing in, in the morning and mostly sun in the afternoon. 65. by sunday, great, upper 60s if not 72. and the skins have a bye week. that's all right. they don't want to add another l to the column. the ravens are home. a great day for veterans day. more showers on tuesday. and breezy and cooler on wednesday. stick around. we're going to the kitchen. and cauliflower that is tasty. >>> well, you know this guy. mike isabella. you have seen him on several of the top chef shows. he will help us get a great side dish going for thanksgiving, around the corner. cauliflo
Nov 15, 2012 12:00pm EST
at california, you have a storm here. there's another storm here. so these two storms are going to gang up on the west o coast over the next few days, so probably see news stories with heavy rains and snows. and the clouds continue to blow up to the north off of those showers and that's why we're kind of stuck in the cloudiness right now. i think a little bit later this afternoon we'll get a little bit o bit -- of sun before nighttime occurs. this is underdone with the clouds, but the point i want to make is the showers from north carolina coming into southeast virginia. clouds with us somewhat overnight east of 95 and tomorrow we'll get rid of the clouds and end up being a decent day around here, a little warmer, maybe 54, 55, and again on saturday, another decent days as high temperatures get back into the mid-50s. tonight 30s, partly to mostly cloudy again. cold spots north and west could be closer to 30 degrees. tomorrow 54 with more sun. saturday still looks mostly sunny and cool. 56. a few more clouds sunday. that coastal storm looks like it's going to stay far enough south and east.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2